The Ethos

Here at Soundmagic we are aiming to deliver a truly inclusive recording facility that meets your expectations, whether you are an experienced musician or someone who is new to the recording process. We have a high quality production value while realising that, for a lot of people, the studio can be a daunting place – that’s why we do everything we can to put you at ease and allow you to focus on your performance. Our staff pride themselves on delivering a friendly, high quality service whoever the client is and whatever the budget is – a lot of our business is returning custom which, we believe, speaks for itself. Our main clientele is local bands but we also record solo artists/singers, and community projects on a regular basis.

The Equipment

We have a hybrid analogue-digital system that aims to retain the character and workflow of the analogue world while providing the flexibility inherent in the digital world. Our Allen & Heath GSR24 console provides 24 high bandwidth preamps coupled with a musical sounding British EQ. Additionally the console has two valve channels that can provide valve mojo as required. We also have a range of external preamps including Heritage Audio 73JR’s (Neve 1073 clone with Cinemag transformers), API 512c’s and the less ubiquitous but equally desirable Helios Type 69 (with vintage EQ). Additionally we have outboard compressors from TL Audio and Drawmer. Our DAW is Logic Pro 9 and we have a range of third-party plugins.

Our ever expanding mic locker includes a range of condenser, dynamic and ribbon mics from manufacturers such as Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Rode, Line Audio, Shure, SE, Audio-Technica and Cascade to name but a few. We also have a range of valve amplification available from Marshall, Hughes & Kettner, Peavey and Laney.

The Space

The recording space itself is an acoustically treated LxB room that has sight lines to the control room. We also have three distinct isolation spaces, each with a different dimensions, materials and character – this gives us the option to, dependent on bands’ instrumentation, record live with all instruments isolated.

The Tariff

At Soundmagic we are trying to deliver professional facilities at prices that make it accessible for the whole community – recording costs vary significantly depending on the scope of the project and we can advise what is available for your budget. Give our engineer, Ally, a call on 07985537012 to discuss your project’s needs.

Please note we do not offer dry hires.

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