We have three rehearsal rooms : the Blue Room, the Green Room and the Red Room.

rehearsal rooms

The rooms are the same size – 8m x 5m x 4m.

Each room has the same basic rehearsing set up :


Bass drum/pedal, floor tom, 2 tom toms, snare drum/stand, 3 cymbal stands, high hat pedal, seat.

(Drummers need to bring their own sticks, cymbals and high hat clutch (8-10mm)


300 watt Ampeg combo or stack.


A range of amps – Marshall JCM 2000, Hughes & Kettner Switchblade, Laney GH100L , Peavey 6505.


1200 watt Alto Black 15 PA speakers, monitors, 4 microphones with stands and cables.

This is only the standard equipment in each room. If you require more than stated above please let us know before you rehearse.


To book or cancel a rehearsal please phone the studio landline on 01292 263356 between 6pm and 6:30pm on any weeknight, or send an email to and we’ll get back to you today or tomorrow.

If you need any urgent information please phone or text the studio anytime on 07830 155 062.

We recommend that you visit us at the studio for a guided tour before booking your first rehearsal.

Any week night between 6pm and 6.30pm is the best time to visit – if this time doesn’t suit you then contact us to arrange a time that does!